UPDATE 12am, Saturday 30 June 2018:


see below for more details.

June 28th:

Over night, the server facility where your website or email are hosted went down.

We are actively working with the facility to address the issue.

Servers Affected

Email Server:


Web Server:



We will be continually updating this section to keep you up to date.


The MyWork CMS has also been affected, so you will not be able to log in to edit your site, or update your account.


We have identified the issue and have stopped all connections to the affected servers.


Mail4 remains offline; however urgent access can be organised. Please call 1300 809 424.


Server issues have been resolved. Restoration of services has begun. We are continuing to monitor the situation.


Continuing to work on restoring Services into the night. Will continue updating as we have information. 


Websites are beginning to be restored. Continuing on working to get services up for all clients.


Once a site has been restored, it can take up to 4 hours for the site to be viewable. Rest assured, we are still working on getting everything back online for our clients.


If your emails are being affected by this situation. Please begin creating backups of the data that is in your email program. It is extremely important to ensure data security, so please backup several times as early as possible. 

You can find steps to do this on some of that largest mail programs below.

Mac Mail:




Ensure that you select your "inbox" to backup all of the folders as well. You can create several backups for the inbox and sent items as well.

Windows Live Mail:




Ensure that you paste the file once you have copied the Profiles folder into a safe location.

UPDATE 11am, 29 June 2018:

We have worked through the night to get the servers built from the ground up. Websites are being restored. 

Email servers are beginning to be restored. We are working on several avenues to get all services working as soon as possible.

UPDATE 1:30pm, 29 June 2018:

Most websites have been restored. Ensuring databases are configured correctly. 

Email servers are being restored. Mail4 will remain offline until the restoration is complete to ensure access to data.

Please, if your emails have been effected, back up the data that is currently in your mail program. Follow the steps above.

UPDATE 2:30pm, 29 June 2018:

Websites are being restored at 2 per minute so the large customer base effected, should shortly begin seeing their sites come back online. Please allow at least several hours for proper DNS propagation. To speed up that process, follow the steps here.

UPDATE 3:30pm, 29 June 2018:

Most sites have been restored. We will continue working again through the night and over the weekend to restore services. The phones will remain on late tonight again, and there will be the team continuing to work in the office throughout the weekend.

Thank you for your patience while we are continuing to work.

UPDATE 8:30pm, 29 June 2018:

One server is mostly operational. You will see an SSL warning at this stage. To address this, we are applying SSL's server wide. Unfortunately, this is a timely process, but rest assured your site is back online.

UPDATE 11:40am, Saturday 30 June 2018:

The team at MyWork remains in the office working on this issue. A team member has been on hand 24/7, literally not leaving the office since this issue was first identified.


All websites should now be up and running. Given the magnitude of the restore, a select number of sites may have some errors on them or may still not be responding. If your site is still down or had an error, please open a support ticket. Please be sure to check your website properly by pressing CTRL and F5. This will ensure you're seeing the absolutely latest version of your website.


The impacted email server remains offline as email account restores continue behind the scenes. It is estimated emails will begin to come back online mid to late afternoon.

Thank you for your patience during this very frustrating time.

UPDATE 2:35pm, Saturday 30 June 2018:

Email accounts are restored on the server. Access has not yet been restored as final checks are being made to ensure emails work correctly. Estimating emails working again in next 1-2 hours.

UPDATE 3:20pm, Saturday 30 June 2018:


As we work to complete the restore, we have setup a temporary webmail address that will allow you to VIEW and SEND emails via WEBMAIL. Please note that RECEIVING new emails is not quite fixed yet.

To view existing, or send new emails, go to: 


Note: You will get a security warning. You can bypass this. Usually this is done by clicking Select.

Use your regular email address and password combination to login. Then proceed to select a Webmail client to use to view your emails. We recommend Roundcube.

We will continue to work towards full access.

UPDATE 6:10pm, Saturday 30 June 2018:

Work continues. We are running some final scripts to ensure data is accurately synced when emails become operational again. We are not going to stop working on this tonight and until emails are restored.

UPDATE 12am, Sunday July 1st 2018:


The mail4 server is back online. All accounts will be sending and receiving emails into their accounts. You may need to put in your password again to enable your devices to begin syncing with the server.

Please ensure that you are using the correct user name and passwords to avoid being blocked from our server. 

If you have tried putting in your password and your emails do not begin to sync, please go https://mail4.mywork.com.au:2096. If the page does not load for you, you may have been blocked. Please contact us,  and we will get you unblocked.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

UPDATE 12pm, Sunday July 1st 2018:

Restores have been completed. There may be unique situations where websites or emails are still having issues. Please create a support ticket and we will address your issue as soon as possible.