Step 1

Open Windows Live Mail. If this is your first time, the below window will automatically appear.

If not, go to Accounts > Email

Enter the following information:

  • Email Address (the email address you are setting up)
  • Password (this has been emailed to you)
  • Display Name (your name)

Tick Manually Configure Server Settings

Click Next

Step 2

Enter the following information:

NOTE: Are you always travelling and using different internet connections? Use the laptop settings here 

Incoming Server Information
Server Type: Pop
Server Address:
mail.yourdomainname. For example, if your domain name was, it would be
Logon User Name: The email address you are setting up
 Outgoing Server Information
Server Address: This is your ISP outgoing server. For example, if you are with Bigpond it will be  
A list of common ISP Outgoing Mail Servers can be found here

Click Next

Click Finish


Not working?

If you receive any errors, please recheck you have entered the correct information.

Still not working? Try restarting your computer.

Tried all of the above? Please give MyWork a call on 1300 809 424.