This tutorial will show you how to add Product Categories into your Online Shop.

Product Categories are a great way to organise similar products into groups, creating an easy to navigate Online Shop for your customers.

Step 1

Using your login details, logon to the CMS at
Click SHOP
Using the same login details, logon to your Online Shop

Step 2

Click Catalogue in the left hand menu.

Step 3

Click New Category.

For a Sub-Category, simply click the desired Category you want the Sub-Category in. Once highlighted in blue, click the Category name to open. 
Then click 
New Category.

Step 4

Enter the new Category Name.

Category Image and Sort Order are optional extras, but not necessary. Sort Order determines the order of the Categories.

Then click Save.

Your New Category is now part of your Online Shop. 


Moving Products

To move an exsisting product into your new Category, click on the product you want to move.
Then click Move.

Select the Category from the drop down list then click Move.

 The product is now in the new Category.