This tutorial will show you how to add Product Attributes. 

Product Attributes are extra available options for customers to choose, such as sizing or colour preferences. These preferences will be displayed in their final order, making it easy for you to distribute the right product to the customer.

You can also charge extra for these additional preferences if you wish.

The example below demonstrates how Product Attributes work within an Online Clothing Store:


Step 1

Using your login details, logon to the CMS at
Click SHOP
Using the same login details, logon to your Online Shop

Step 2

Click Products Attributes in the left hand menu.


Step 3

Enter the following details:

1. Product Options: This is the option name, such as "Size" or "Colour". 
Enter the Option Name and click Insert.

2. Option Values: These are the different options available, such as Small, Medium and Large. 
Select the Option Name from the drop down menu, enter an Option Value and click Insert
Repeat until you have all the Option Values inserted.

3. Product Attributes: This is where you assign the Product Option and Option Values to a product. 
Select the Product Name, Option Name and Option Value and click Insert
Repeat until all Option Values are assigned to the product. TIP: Enter the Product Attributes in the order you want them to be displayed.

Note: Value Price can be used to charge the customer extra or discount. 
Enter the amount into the box, and set the Prefix to + (add Value Price) or - (subtract Value Price). Leave this blank if you do not wish to use.



Below example is for a Mini Garden Tool Set. This tool set is available in three colours: green, blue and red, with red costing $5.00 extra.

Example in Online Shop:


This is how the above example appears in the Online Shop.