This section of your Online Shop lists all of your customers. Here you can:

  • Edit customer details
  • Delete a customer
  • View customer orders 
  • Send emails directly to the customer 

You can also categorise customers into a Customer Group to offer specific discounts. Learn more about Customer Groups here.

Step 1

Using your login details, logon to the CMS at
Click SHOP
Using the same login details, logon to your Online Shop

Step 2

Click Customers in the left hand menu.

Here you will see a list of your customers.

Edit a Customer

Click on the customer you want to edit, then click Edit

Here you can edit their details, including Customer Group and subscribe or unsubscribe to Newsletters

Simply make your changes and click Update.

Delete a Customer

Click on the customer you want to delete, then click Delete.

Click Delete again.

View Customer Orders

Click on the customer whose orders you want to view, then click Orders

Here you can:

  • Edit order details
  • Delete an order
  • View/print the invoice for the order
  • View/print the packing slip for the order

Email a Customer

Click on the customer you want to email, then click Email

Enter your email Subject and Message then click Send Mail.