Once you have logged in to your WordPress Dashboard, you will be shown an overview of recent activity on your website. Importantly, you will see a menu bar on the left-hand side of the page. You won't need to know about every section here for day-to-day website changes. The screenshot below highlights the sections you would typically visit.

1. Posts - If you have a blog set up on your website, this section will let you view, edit and add new blog posts

2. Media - This is where you can manage your website's media library, which is a collection of all uploaded images and files

3. Pages - This section will allow you to view, edit and add new pages to your website

4. Appearance - There are a few sub-menu items under "Appearance". You should not be making changes under "Themes" and "Theme Editor". You can make changes under "Customise", "Widgets" and "Menus" if needed

5. Plugins - This is where you can install and manage plugins for your website. Plugins provide your website with additional functionality, such as a page builder or contact form

6. Settings - You can modify general website settings here