The support officers at MyWork use TeamViewer to provide remote support. This tool will allow us to connect to your computer and remotely set up your mail client or troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. To get started, please download and run the tool as described in the instructions below.

Step 1

Download and run our support tool by clicking on one of the following buttons, depending on which support team member you are speaking with:

Step 2

Set your name to something we can use to uniquely identify you. For example, your business or domain name. The support tool should look similar to the following image:

Step 3

If you are not already talking to a support officer then please call our support team and explain your issue. Otherwise, please wait for us to join your session.

When we attempt to join your session you will receive a confirmation dialog. You will be able to see everything we are doing as though we are right there with you.