You will need to ensure you have an email with a Microsoft Office 365 licence already added to your mail program. Follow our other Microsoft Office 365 Tutorials here.

Step 1.

Add the Shared Mailbox as an IMAP account.

Go to Add Account - select Other Account - select IMAP

Step 2.

Add the email address in the format - [email protected]/[email protected] and use the password for your main account.

Step 3.

Put in the server settings:

    incoming server:

    outgoing server:

Step 4.

Once the account is added go to Preferences and select the Shared Mailbox email.

Click on the Email Address section and click Edit

Double click on the address that is there and change it from [email protected]/[email protected] to just [email protected]

Step 5.

Click on Server Settings. Under outgoing mail server, click account and select your main account. Click Save.

If you are still experiencing issues, please visit our remote support page and call MyWork Support on 1300 809 424 for remote assistance.